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Two Faces of Money

Money and Medal-Making in the history of Slovakia

The one and only exhibition specialized in numismatics and medal making in Slovakia is situated in a gothic burgher´s house in the historical square. The exhibition was opened to the public in 2003, after a complex renovation. The exhibition presents the history and evolution of the means of payment in Slovakia from  ancient times till the present coins and banknotes, as well as the history of medal making, includes several unique exhibits. An important part of the exhibiton is dedicated to the history of the old mining and minting town of Kremnica with its well known Mint, which has been in operation nearly 700 years (since 1328). In the exhibition-space,  the museum offers various temporary exhibitions presenting, in particular, numismatics and medal art.

For the realisation of this exhibition the Museum of Coins and Medals was awarded with the prize Museum of the Year 2003.

The exhibition Two Faces of Money presents:

  • Ore-Mining and Metallurgy in Kremnica
  • The History of the Town of Kremnica
  • Money in the History of Slovakia
  • The Art of Medal-Making in the History of Slovakia